The production of stone portals is one of the oldest types of stone processing. A masterfully designed portal gives the facility a touch of history, and at the same time gives a luxurious feeling. Precisely because of this, portals can be installed both in older buildings and in modern buildings.

You can opt for two different types of portals. The first is a portal made of solid stone, which is more attentive to older buildings, while the second, more modern technique, uses stone blocks to make the portal.

Before constructing the portal itself, it is important to pay attention to the installation before it is surrounded by a wall covering or a plaster.


All in one place – from measurement to installation.

We do everything – from the plans to installation, without any intermediaries.

More than 70 types of materials in stock.

In our store you can find more than 70 different high-quality materials to choose from.

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Our experienced crew delivers the materials for free to your home and also offer professional installation.


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