All in one place – from measurement to installation.

We do everything – from the plans to installation, without any intermediaries.

More than 70 types of materials in stock.

In our store you can find more than 70 different high-quality materials to choose from.

Material is cut in a single day.

In our workshop, in just one day, we cut the material to the desired dimensions and thus save you a lot of valuable time..

Installation with free delivery.

Our experienced crew delivers the materials for free to your home and also offer professional installation.


Ceramics are an indispensable part of our life. From coffee mugs, to us more important ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles can be found practically everywhere, from our bathrooms, to kitchens and even corridors. Precisely because of the frequent use of ceramics, it is necessary to choose only among the best materials and crews.

With us you can get ceramic tiles of proven quality, and our crew will assign them professionally and according to your wishes. Whether these are small patterns or the whole corridor.


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